Our Story Begins with You

We hear stories about entrepreneurs, startup founders, or CEOs who start a business because they were inspired by a person, place, or problem. Our inspiration comes from the hard working, selfless, and courageous women in India. Our story begins with you. Every corner of this country has women doing their best to make society better, whether that means breaking the glass ceiling or wanting a better future for their families and communities.

In the spirit of unleashing the creativity and goodwill that lies behind the doors of our business, we haven’t decided to reinvent the wheel, but rather introduce something to the Indian market that is better for everyone – especially women in India. We curate and design personal care products and you have inspired us to do our jobs better.

Be. The Solution is a new online brand of daily hygiene products. We bring you a refreshing take to your ordinary personal care routine. Be.’s formula uses naturally-based ingredients. Be. has curated hand sanitizers, body mist, hand soap, toilet seat sanitizer, and an intimate wash for women with the everyday Indian woman in mind. We know caring for your skin with the healthiest products is important to you. For this reason, Be. sources high-quality ingredients from lavender, lemongrass, orange, lemon, black pepper, aloe vera, and green tea.

One Idea

Our brand helps women empower one another and work toward a better future for India. As a new brand, our hygiene products are designed to make a woman’s personal care and hygienic lifestyle easier to manage on a daily basis, and give back to society. Be. The Solution is unique to India and originates from Indian thought. Be.’s philosophy is simple. We believe every Indian woman deserves to feel healthy and beautiful in her own skin. While using personal skincare products that nourish your skin with natural and healthy ingredients, you will provide sustainable solutions to improve women and girls hygienic sanitation. When you are shopping online, Be. makes it easy for you to get involved with this cause.

Our Business Model

One Mission 

Our brand contributes 5 percent of net revenue towards women’s sanitation projects. Our business model provides Indian women with customized Be. products, and as a result, create life changing opportunities for women and girls in rural communities. Today, Be. presents women with a special chance to empower their rupees. With a simple online purchase, Be. enables women to make better hygiene and sanitation opportunities available to disadvantaged women and girls. Pictured below is Rajalakshmi standing next to the toilet constructed in her home. Rajalakshmi has six members in her family; she, her husband, two daughters, a son and a mother-in-law. Formerly, they used to trek around half a kilometer to relieve themselves in the open.

Our Impact

Be. partnered with Milaap Social Ventures, India’s largest crowdfunding platform for social causes. We urge you to be the solution and send one magical wish online via milaap.org/bethesolution. For every wish, Be. donates 10 rupees to sanitation projects. Sending a wish is absolutely free. Thus, Be. funds twenty-one sanitation loans for women in the rural regions of Tamil Nadu and Gujarat, granting access to a basic facility we all take for granted.

We can empower each other through simple choices in our everyday lives. Our rupees have the power to not only consume, but also to help others.

One Journey

Our company believes women themselves should become agents of change. Our brand is a flagship initiative that has been incubated with 1908 E-Ventures Private Limited, Ador Group’s youngest business. We are your one stop destination for healthy skin. If you’re a mover and shaker, trendsetter, and believe in the power of innovative ideas, then our new brand is right for you.

We make it easy for you to find a hand sanitizer that is good for your skin, but we don’t stop there. Our brand enables you to make a difference and make thoughtful choices about your daily hygiene routine. We know you’ll find a product that you love, and we hope you love the fact that we help other women in the process of meeting your personal care needs too.

The discussion about women’s hygiene and sanitation is hardly ever an easy one. However, it’s on us, as Indian women, to keep that discussion going while making strides in the right direction. Spreading awareness and helping create opportunities are key to giving women and girls access to basic facilities in India, but let’s not forget that we’re all in this struggle together.

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