Learn to Spread Your Wings

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.” ~ Steve Jobs

It’s easy for us to get bogged down in the daily grind that comes with work, family, and social responsibilities, and as a result we have a tendency to lose sight of the big picture. Every day we have a chance to become a better version of ourselves, and Be. The Solution was curated with this sense of purpose in mind. We want to enable you to become a healthier version of yourself and encourage you to reexamine your daily hygiene routine. Does your routine reflect your values? Whether you value using products infused with healthy ingredients and refreshing fragrances or using products that give back to society and empower Indian women, our range of Be. products meets each of these criteria. While your personal care needs are very important to us, we think you should look at your hygiene routine and trying our new products through the lens of learning how to spread your wings and reach new heights of personal satisfaction.

Do what makes you happy

As simple as this may seem, practicing what makes us truly happy is hard to do. How often do you put the needs of others before your own? When it comes to your personal care habits and thinking about what makes you feel happy, you should have the courage and self-assurance to do what you believe will bring you happiness and every once in a while put your skincare needs on a list of top priorities. Don’t feel guilty about pampering yourself at random times during the week, you work hard enough day in and day out to give yourself some uninterrupted “me time.” The small things you do to take care of yourself add up, and those around you will appreciate a happier you. The good thing is Be. The Solution will help you find the perfect face wash to use after a long day and the right body mist to use after a relaxing bath or shower. You should be happy with the skin you’re in, and we’re here to help.

Follow your heart

Our instincts and intuition are underrated characteristics. In a hyper and increasingly interconnected world, we rely heavily on instant gratification, undervalue the voice we have within ourselves, and care too much about meeting the expectations of others. Following your heart means doing what is best for you and society at large. This is why Be. contributes 5 percent of net revenue toward improving rural women and girls’ hygiene and sanitation. We believe following your heart and having a genuine impact on society should be effortless for you. Be. The Solution is designed to help you find a one-of-a-kind experience and offer products that are true to your needs. If you follow your heart in big and small ways throughout your day, then you can do anything because nothing is impossible, and you can become unstoppable.

Introduce Be. into your personal care routine

So, you haven’t heard of Be. The Solution? Maybe it’s just been a couple of days since you read or came across Be. from a friend, and now you want to know more – you’re curious. Aside from perusing through this blog, you should consider introducing Be. into your daily routine. Why change your routine now? Well, we want to start a new trend in India and want you be a trend starter with us. Who says personal hygiene can’t be elegant and refreshing? We think your daily hygiene routine should feel refreshing and not boring. Checkout our newest range of products here: sublimefactory.com. We will help you learn how to spread your wings.

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