Real Solutions for Rural Women & Girls

With a simple purchase of your hygiene and wellness products, you have the ability to empower rural women and girls, changing their lives for the better. In collaboration with, Be. The Solution has distributed 21 sanitation loans to women and girls in rural Tamil Nadu and Gujurat. Thus, our approach is sustainable and designed with the needs of rural women and girls in mind.


Uma and her husband moved to Kolakudipatti village in Tiruchirpalli District when they got married 10 years ago. The couple have three children; Dhinesh Kumar studying 11th standard, Deepa studying 9th standard and Thilagavathi studying 7th standard. With three kids to tend to, the couple spend most of their income in getting nutritious food and school supplies for their kids. They live in a kaccha house with no toilet provision. Since it is extremely time consuming and unsafe for her kids to relieve themselves in open fields, Uma hopes to build a toilet for her family. Be. The Solution will help Uma’s family enjoy benefits of basic sanitation and improved health.


34 year old Dhanalakshmi spends most of her time in tending to her family in Kolakkudipatti village in Tiruchirapalli District. She is very good at handicraft work but was forced to take a break from work to take care of her 8 year old kid Arun. Dhanalakshmi’s husband is a daily wage farmer and most of the family’s income is spent on the kid’s education and other basic amenities. A toilet at home will be very useful as Dhanalakshmi no longer has to walk in the dark carrying her son with a torch to answer nature’s call at night time.


Lalitaben lives in Dahod slum with her husband, and are daily wage labourers, earning Rs. 6000/- per month. The live in the village of Delsar, in Dahod slum, in Gujarat. Lalitaben and her husband’s meagre income is barely enough to provide for their family of seven. Despite their humble background, Lalitaben dreams of educating every single one of her children. She dreams of sending her children to bustling cities, cities which she is familiar with only through pictures. The large family does not have a toilet in their cramped house, and each one of them is forced to defecate in the open. And this places every single one of them at a risk of infection from various sources. With your contribution, Lalitaben and her family will be able to build a much-needed toilet in their own home, and be able to access safe and hygienic sanitation.


Parameswari, 37, a self-inspired woman comes from Kolakkudipatti village in Thottiyam block of Tiruchirapalli District. She lives with her husband and three children. Her eldest daughter Geetha is in 11th standard and her two sons Logesh and Thiruppathi are in 8th standard and 4th standard respectively.  Parameswari and her husband work as daily wage labourers in the agricultural sector and together they earn less income that I spent on the education and other expenses for the family. Hence the family is facing financial difficulties in building a new toilet in their home.


Ramilaben, a very passionate mother of two kids, works as a maid in Bhabra village of Soni Mohalla District. She drop her kids in school and goes to work in the morning. Her husband is an agricultural worker and her in-laws work during the weekends. The family earns Rs. 7000/- per month and there is absolutely no savings. With aging parents and growing kids, Ramilaben and her husband find it difficult to go to open fields every day to relieve themselves. Due to the lack of toilet, the family members are at risk of infection and fall ill every often, spending a significant portion of the money on medical expenses. Your wish will help Ramilaben’s family access basic sanitation and lead a better life.


Shumitraben lives in Harijan Vas, in Dahod district, Gujarat. She and her husband are employed as bamboo workers, and earn around Rs. 8000/- per month. The couple have two children. None of them have known the luxury of owning a toilet within their home – they have to go outdoors every time they need to relieve themselves. Shumitraben wishes she could provide a safer environment for her two young children – she does not want them to grow up in a world where they feel embarrassed to relieve themselves. She wants them to be able to access a basic human right – the right to sanitation. Your association with Be. The Solution can help Shumitraben build a toilet within the comforts of her home, and provide a dignified life for her children – and for herself.


Sangitaben is a 40 year old seamstress residing in Rabdal village with her husband and five children. She had no other option but to take up sewing as her profession to cover the household expenses of her family. Fortunately she learnt the art from her mother and started her micro business by purchasing one sewing machine. Over time she has seen a steady rise in consumer demand and now earns Rs. 2000 per month. Her husband works as an agricultural labourer and earns Rs. 4000 per month. The family neither has a toilet in their home nor in the immediate vicinity. Your contribution will help Sangitaben’s family enjoy the basic benefits of sanitation.


Nitaben resides in Ratanpur in Surendranagar, Gujarat. She and her husband work as cobblers, earning around Rs. 6500/- as a monthly income. Their meagre income is barely enough to keep their family of six afloat. To make matters worse, Nitaben and her family have often fallen ill and there’s hardly anything they can do about it. The reason? They are forced to use open spaces to defecate, and are often targets of insect and animal bites, which results in several illnesses. With no doctor or healthcare centres in their village, Nitaben and her family are left to fend for themselves. A toilet in their home would solve most of their problems. Your purchase of Be. The Solution contributes towards building a toilet in her home, and will help Nitaben and her family lead a more dignified, and safer, life.


At 57, Allirani stays with her mother Maruthambal in Kolakudipatti village in Thottiyam block of Tiruchirapalli District. She lost her husband to a heart attack within few years of marriage. As a result, she has no children. She is an agricultural worker and her income has never been stable because of erratic weather conditions. Allirani and her mother wish to get a toilet at their home as neither of them could walk to the field to relieve themselves. Be. The Solution will help Allirani and her mother Maruthambal’s life a little easier.


Anjalidevi and her husband have been working as agricultural labourers for the past 15 years. Anjalidevi has three daughters; eldest daughter Akilandeswari is 13 years old and younger ones Vinotha and Durga are 12 years and 9 years old respectively. The daily wages of Anjalidevi and her husband get spent on food and other basic amenities leaving no money to save. The family lives in a semi kaccha house with no toilet. Without access to a toilet, her family is forced to walk three kilometers just to relieve themselves in the false privacy of dense bushes or isolated fields. The family members, especially her daughters are subsequently at risk of infection, molestation, and even insect or animal bites. Your support will provide this family access to improved hygiene and better way of life.


33 year old Chandra lives with her family in Kolakudipatti village in Thottiyam block of Tiruchirapalli District. Chandra and her husband Jayabal have been working as agricultural workers for the past 10 years. Chandra has five members in her family; she, her husband, her son Dhilip and her two daughters Kavya and Kalpana. The family does not have a toilet at home and travel one kilometer to relieve themselves in open fields. This is time consuming and Chandra is in constant fear of her kids being bitten by insects and animals. Your support will help this family practice safe, comfortable and private sanitation to lead a dignified social life.


Aaisaben is a resident of Khatakivas district in Surendranagar, Gujarat. She lives with her husband and four children, in a tiny house. Aaisaben and her husband are labourers, and earn around Rs. 7000/- per month. Aaisaben, her husband, and her children can barely manage within the space they call home – there is not enough place for all of them. To add to their woes, they do not have a toilet within their home. Multiple times every day, they are forced to step out of their home, in order to relieve themselves. Aaisaben often faces jeers and molestation when she is forced to use the open fields for relieving herself. But she can barely do anything to stop it. Aaisaben and her family desperately need a toilet in their home. In order to help them lead a dignified life, you can contribute towards building a toilet in their home.


Leelaben and her husband moved to Ringol village of Bhadra block in MadhyaPradesh when their second son was born. Her husband could not find any permanent job and hence started working as a daily wages labour for agricultural sector. With his little knowledge, he also taught Leelaben and she started working when she was pregnant with her fourth child. The couple earn 6500 per month of which a significant portion is spent on education for their four children. As their house is next to open fields, the family has never built a toilet for defecation. But Leelaben aspires to build a toilet as the kids are growing. You can make her dreams come true by sending her an inspiring message here.


Thangammal and her family live in Kolakudipatti village in Thottiyam block of Tiruchirapalli district. Mother of four children, Thangammal’s eldest daughter is married and lives with her husband in the same village. Her second daughter is in college and the younger ones are in school. Thangammal and her husband toil day and night as agricultural workers to feed their children and send them to school. As the kids have grown up, they are finding it difficult to relieve themselves in open fields. As Thangammal and her husband cannot afford to spend on building a toilet your wish will help the family with the same.



Rehmatben lives in Khatakivas district in Surendranagar, Gujarat. The centre of Rehmatben’s world is her family – her husband, and their two young children. She and her husband are daily wage labourers, and earn a measly sum of Rs. 6500/- per month. Rehmatben dotes on her two children, both of whom are bright, and wise beyond their years. However, she despairs of bringing her children up in her current location – a place where they have to use the open space near to their home for defecation. In a place where crime is rampant, Rehmatben fears the miscreants, who wouldn’t even spare children. Rehmatben’s dream is to provide everything she can for her family – and this starts with safe sanitation through a toilet in their home. You can ensure Rehmatben’s dreams sees the light of the day by using Be. The Solution – and ensures a safer, more dignified future for her family.


Roshanben is a resident of Firdosh, in Surendranagar, Gujarat. She is a single mother, who struggles on a daily basis to bring up her four young children. Despite her struggles, she has high hopes for her children. Her daily sacrifices seem worth it when she sees the smiles on their faces. Her monthly income of Rs. 7000/-, which she earns as a labourer, is spent on taking care of her children’s needs. As hard as she works, there is one need of her children she isn’t able to take care of – a safe environment. She and her children use the fields next to their home every day as a toilet, as they do not have the luxury of owning a toilet at home. Roshanben only wishes for a safer, cleaner environment to bring up her children in. You can help this dream become a reality for Roshanben.


Nathiya is a 23 year old woman who works as daily wage labourer in the agricultural sector. She is blessed with one daughter Bavitha and a son Kishore. Nathiya and her husband spend most of their income for medical requirements for their kids due to constant ill-health. The family does not have a toilet at their home and walk few kilmoetres every day to relieve themselves. This consumes a lot of time and also puts the kids in risk. Your support will help this family begin their day with trouble-free sanitation practice.

Jayanthi 2

Hailing from Kolakkudipatti village in Trichy, 40 year old Jayanthi is a cheerful lady who believes in living in the present. She is a farmer who toils day and night to get a meagre income. She lost her husband 8 years ago and has been living with her mother Chinnaponnu since then. A strong independent woman, Jayanthi struggles to make ends meet and has been constantly falling ill. Jayanthi needs funds to build a toilet for her family that will help them to relieve themselves in a comfortable, private and a safe place. Be. The Solution will help Jayanthi and her family lead a dignified life.



Santaben resides in Bhada Khotaja village with her husband and four children. Santaben and her husband take turns in taking care of their infant twins. Her husband works in the agricultural field in the morning and she tills the land in the evening. Because of the changing weather conditions the couple earn Rs.6000 per month. Since open defecation is a threat to many communicable diseases and animal and insect bites, Santaben hopes to build a toilet for her family. Your support will help Santaben’s children lead a safe and healthy life.


Kherunben lives with her husband and their two children in Khatakivas district in Surendranagar, Gujarat. She and her husband work hard as daily wage labourers. Their measly income of Rs 6500/- is barely enough to make ends meet. Kherunben has a dream – a dream of owning a large home, with enough space for her two children to run around. She also dreams of a time where she can own a toilet in her home, so her children don’t have to fear every time they need to relieve themselves. A simple dream, which you can contribute towards. Your support will help Kherunben build a toilet in her home, and help her and her family take a step towards better sanitation and hygiene.


30 year old Thavasu lost both her parents to a menacing disease 2 years back and has been standing on her own feet since then. She belongs to Kolakkudipatti village in Thottiyam block of Tiruchirapalli District and earns a very meagre income as a daily wage labourer. She has neither a toilet at home, nor a public toilet in the immediate vicinity. Without access to a toilet, she is forced to walk a kilometer just to relieve herself in the false privacy of dense bushes or isolated fields. This makes Thavasu prone to many communicable diseases, molestation, and even animal and insect bites. Your support will help Thavasu enjoy the benefits of basic sanitation at the comfort of her home.

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