When Be. Met Inox

14 days, 2 blockbuster movies, and Us – Be. The Solution.

For those of you who don’t know, we, Be.The.Solution, carried out a wonderful 14 day-event at Inox, R City Mall Ghatkopar.

The idea of this event was parallel to the release of the movie Toilet Ek Prem Katha #TRPK, a story line around rural India and how even today they lack basic hygiene facilities for women.

But here’s a thought- women in urban India have the facility of washrooms, but are they sanitized? The question of hygiene remains whether it is the rural India or its urban counterpart!

We, at Be, are bridging this gap by providing sanitation facilities like toilet seat sanitizers and hand sanitizers to urban women, and 5% of the revenue generated goes into building hygiene facilities in rural India.

Setting up a kiosk in the premises of the theater seemed like a challenge as everybody comes to watch the movie and enjoy popcorn, coke and other delicacies during the interval! We wondered if they would even stop to know about the toilet seat sanitiser!

But contrary to our apprehensions, the response was delightfully overwhelming!

People were very interactive and listened to what we had to say even before their movie, maybe because they wanted to skip the typical 15 min ads before the movie :p Haha! But on a serious note, the movie audience seemed pretty concerned about toilet hygiene and showed immense amount of interest in the product, it’s features and its usability.

Since the product is in its infancy, many people initially had second thoughts about its effectiveness, but after using it, they gave a wonderful feedback.

contest with inox


The 14-day event was hectic by all means, but what made it fun was the fact that everyday was just so different than the previous one. Bigger audience, more questions and positive feedback just made each of our days!

Seeing teenagers in the morning shows (well, obviously because they need to save on some of that pocket money!), to kitty parties in the afternoon, and families at night.

There was a sense of familiarity and warmth when the customers who purchased from us came for a revisit. It was then that I knew our efforts had duly paid off.

Overall, we conducted a fabulous event with a lot of interaction and learning! It was truly wonderful to see how our brand made a difference in their daily lives.

What I learnt over this fortnight is that making a sale is not the most important, it is a happy customer that really matters!

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